Exciting New Update: C64online.com Emulator Revamped with User-Friendly Interface and Cool New Features!

online C64 emulator with new features

Great news for retro gaming enthusiasts! C64online.com, your go-to destination for reliving the golden era of gaming, has just rolled out a major update for its online emulator. This new version promises an even more immersive and user-friendly experience, bringing back the nostalgia of the Commodore 64 era in style. One of the standout improvements … Read more

Welcome to Our New Online Home: The c64online.com Facebook Group!

We're transitioning from our Facebook Page and launching a brand-new c64online.com Facebook Group

Greetings, fellow Commodore 64 enthusiasts, We’re excited to announce a major update for our community! To keep the spirit of the beloved Commodore 64 alive and thriving, we’ve made a significant change in how we interact and share our collective passion for this iconic home computer. We’re transitioning from our Facebook Page and launching a … Read more

Top 100 Commodore 64 Games – Now Playable in Your Browser

Top 100 C64 Games - Now Playable in Your Browser

From classic shoot ’em ups and platformers to groundbreaking strategy games and immersive adventures, the C64 offered a diverse array of genres that appealed to a wide audience. The games included in this compilation have been carefully curated and ranked based on their creativity, originality, gameplay, and lasting impact on the gaming community. Each game … Read more

Stamps Back – a new documentary about the birth of the Hungarian home computer scene

Stamps Back documentary film

Szilárd Matusik has created another must-see film that tells the story of the birth of the Hungarian home computer scene in the 1980s, which emerged behind the Iron Curtain. The story involves the covert introduction of C64s, illegal distribution of cracked games, swappers, diskmags, hacking of phone lines to American BBS servers, demoscene, and copy … Read more

C64 memory map

C64 memory map to easily find memory-related information you need. Use the search fields to filter the C64 memory map by address or description. Address Hex Address Dec Description $0000-$00FF 0-256 Zero page $0000 0 Processor port data direction register. Bits: Bit #x: 0 = Bit #x in processor port can only be read; 1 … Read more

Epyx Fastload Cartridge Instruction Manual

Epyx fast load cartridge c64 pdf download manual

The Epyx Fast Load Cartridge is a floppy disk fast loader cartridge made by American software company Epyx in 1984 for the Commodore 64 home computer. It was programmed by Epyx employee Scott Nelson. Here you can find the complete instruction manual and you can also download it. Fast Load ™ Cartridge Instruction Manual Program … Read more

Commodore 64 color codes

The Commodore 64 graphics chip (VIC-II) features 16 colors. These 16 colors can be used in all possible screenmodes, for chars, the screen (background or frame) or for sprites (multicolor, HiRes), etc. The colors of the text can be changed directly with a key combination or with PRINT CHR$(value) alternative control characters. To change colors … Read more

Online Commodore PET emulator

Online Commmodre Pet Emulator at c64online.com

We’ve just added a Commodore PET emulator to the online emulator section. This means that you can play with a Commodore PET online, without installing any kind of software. The Commodore PET was a line of personal computers produced starting in 1977 by Commodore International. The Commodore PET was officially announced in 1976 and Jack … Read more

Are you ready for Commodore classics?

C64 online

C64online.com has finally started with 7000+ games available to play online. The new website has been designed to offer the ultimate user experience in the field of online emulation of the Commodore 64 software library. From now anyone interested in Commodore 64 stuff can head over to C64online.com and explore the games and other online … Read more