Online Commodore PET emulator

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We’ve just added a Commodore PET emulator to the online emulator section. This means that you can play with a Commodore PET online, without installing any kind of software.

The Commodore PET was a line of personal computers produced starting in 1977 by Commodore International. The Commodore PET was officially announced in 1976 and Jack Tramiel gave Chuck Peddle six months to have the computer ready for the January 1977 Consumer Electronics Show.

The result was Commodore’s first mass-market personal computer, the PET, the first model of which was the PET 2001. Its 6502 processor controlled the screen, keyboard, cassette tape recorders and any peripherals connected to one of the computer’s several expansion ports.[8] The PET 2001 included either 4 KB (2001-4) or 8 KB (2001-8) of 8-bit RAM, and was essentially a single-board computer with discrete logic driving a small built-in monochrome monitor with 40×25 character graphics, enclosed in a sheet metal case that reflected Commodore’s background as a manufacturer of office equipment. (source:

If you want to try out this wonderful piece of retro machine, you can do it here: Commodore PET online emulator

The emulator was coded by Thomas Skibo, thank you Thomas to make this available. We’ve made a slight modification in the code (we’ve changed the white character color to green to get the original look and feel). Hope you guys enjoy this.

If you want to upload and run original Commodore PET programs, you can find here: