Stamps Back – a new documentary about the birth of the Hungarian home computer scene

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Szilárd Matusik has created another must-see film that tells the story of the birth of the Hungarian home computer scene in the 1980s, which emerged behind the Iron Curtain. The story involves the covert introduction of C64s, illegal distribution of cracked games, swappers, diskmags, hacking of phone lines to American BBS servers, demoscene, and copy parties. It’s a fascinating account that’s definitely worth watching.

‘Stamps Back’ is the new Moleman documentary. From Commodore 64s smuggled across the Iron Curtain to cracked games on cassette tapes sold at flea markets, floppy disk swapping via postal mail, hacked phone booths connected to US BBSes, and copy parties packed to capacity, Stamps Back tells the story of how teenagers in Hungary ignited a computing revolution in the 1980s with illegally copied video games from the West, and began the Hungarian demoscene.

You can watch the film for free on YouTube.

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