Welcome to Our New Online Home: The c64online.com Facebook Group!

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Greetings, fellow Commodore 64 enthusiasts,

We’re excited to announce a major update for our community! To keep the spirit of the beloved Commodore 64 alive and thriving, we’ve made a significant change in how we interact and share our collective passion for this iconic home computer. We’re transitioning from our Facebook Page and launching a brand-new c64online.com Facebook Group!

Why the Change?

Our decision to move to a Facebook Group comes with a vision of enhancing interaction and fostering a more collaborative environment. While our Facebook Page served us well, it was more of a one-way street. We shared updates and you responded. But we felt there’s so much more we can do together!

In a Facebook Group, every single member can actively participate in discussions, share their personal experiences, post their own content, and truly engage with other like-minded Commodore 64 enthusiasts. This is a fantastic opportunity for us all to learn, share, and grow together.

What’s in Store for You?

With this move, we’re hoping to turn our community into a thriving hub of Commodore 64 knowledge, nostalgia, and discovery. The c64online.com Facebook Group is your new platform to:

  1. Share your latest C64 discoveries, from rare games to hardware modifications.
  2. Ask questions and learn from the collective wisdom of fellow enthusiasts.
  3. Discuss all aspects of the C64, from programming to gaming, and everything in between.
  4. Post your high scores, gameplay strategies, and challenge fellow gamers.
  5. Share your nostalgic memories of the golden age of 8-bit computing.
  6. Celebrate the rich history and influence of the Commodore 64.

Join Us Today!

We’re thrilled to embark on this new journey with you. We invite you to join our new c64online.com Facebook Group, help shape our community, and continue to fuel the enduring legacy of the Commodore 64. Whether you’re a seasoned programmer, a dedicated retro gamer, a C64 collector, or someone who simply appreciates the charm of this iconic machine, there’s a place for you in our group.

Thank you for your ongoing support, and here’s to a new era of community, collaboration, and Commodore 64 love!

Keep the 8-bit spirit alive!