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C64 game name: Hypa-Ball | Release date: 1986 | Publisher: Odin Computer Graphics | Game media type: d64 | Language: en
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About Commodore 64 Hypa-Ball

“Hypa-ball” is a captivating computer game created for the Commodore 64, inspired by an imagined futuristic sport. Released in 1986 by Odin Computer Graphics, it was expertly programmed and designed by Marc Dawson, with Andy Rixon responsible for the striking graphics and Keith Tinman providing the immersive music. Following its success, a version for the ZX Spectrum was developed in 1987, ported by Bernie Duggs.

In terms of gameplay, teams in “Hypa-ball” consist of up to three players, comprising two strikers and one grounder. The primary objective is to hit a continuously moving target at the center of the play area. Players must be quick, as the ball can’t be held for more than two seconds. The game is renowned for its fast pace, and it’s often seen as a more contemporary and dynamic twist on the classic game “Pong.”

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