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Commodore 64 game name: Airborne Ranger | Release date: 1987 | Publisher: MicroProse | Game media type: d64 | Language: en
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About Commodore 64 Airborne Ranger

Airborne Ranger, an action-packed game developed and published by MicroProse for the Commodore 64, offers players a thrilling experience as they undertake various missions to achieve objectives such as capturing enemy officers, destroying bunkers, disabling SAM sites, and rescuing POWs. What sets this game apart is its random map and objective generation, ensuring that no two missions are the same, and demanding strategic planning from players at every turn.

At the beginning of each mission, players receive a brief overview and can choose a Ranger from their available roster. They then take control of a V-22 Osprey aircraft, dropping three ammo crates into enemy territory before parachuting their chosen Ranger into the area. Once on the ground, the player must navigate a range of obstacles, including enemy soldiers, officers, minefields, foxholes, and bunkers.

The limited ammunition in Airborne Ranger necessitates careful planning and resource management. Ammo crates dropped earlier provide the Ranger with additional grenades and ammo to continue their mission. Upon completion of the mission, the Ranger must reach a designated pick-up point within a specified time limit to be extracted.

If a Ranger is captured but not killed, players have the option to launch a rescue mission using another soldier from their roster. Each successful mission increases the rank of the individual Ranger, up to the rank of colonel.

Airborne Ranger provides a unique and engaging experience for Commodore 64 gamers who enjoy tactical action and decision-making. With its randomly generated maps and objectives, players are constantly challenged to think strategically and adapt to new situations. This classic game stands out as a memorable and exciting title in the realm of 8-bit gaming.

Controls Summary

The controller referred to in the manual is your JOYSTICK,

Airdrop Sequence

To steer aircraft left, right: Push JOYSTICK left or light.

To drop supply pods: Press JOYSTICK PI RE BUTTON before
jump light (unis green.

To jump from aircraft: Press JOYSTICK FIRE BUTTON after
To steer para folk Push JOYSTICK In direction you want to go.


To move: Push JOYSTICK in direction you want to go.

To run: Press either CKSR key. Note that combat Indicator in
upper left comer changes from black background to white to
indicate running condition. To return to walking, press CRSR


To abm line JOYSTICK Lu rotate Ranger until aiming in desired
direction. Line up the Target Crosshair with the target.

To attack: Press the JOYSTICK EIRE BUTTON to shoot (or slab,
if using Knife).

Weapon Selection:

Carbine: Press the 0 key.

Hand Grenade: Press tile 13 key. Weapon selected returns to
Carbine after each use.

Law Rocket: Press the 15 key. Weapon selected returns to Carbine
after each use.

Knife: f7 key.

Time bomb (five second delay): Press the 5 key.

Time bomb {ten second delay): Press tire 6 key.

Time bomb (fifteen second delay): Press the 7 key.

Other Controls

To use First Aid : Press the INST DEL key.

To see Map (pauses game): Press the RUN STOP key. Press key or
JOYSTICK FJRS% BUTTON to return to combat screen,

(left arrow) key.

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