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C64 game name: Spitfire ’40 | Release date: 1985 | Publisher: Mirrorsoft | Game media type: prg | Language: en
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About Commodore 64 Spitfire ’40

Spitfire ’40 sets you as a young Spitfire pilot in 1940, when World War 2 is hotting up in the skies over the south of England. The program is viewed from within the cockpit, with the instrument panel viewed by pressing Space. The pilot will have to co-ordinate landing gear, brakes and ruddering, and use a map to navigate and find targets. Loops, rolls and split-S moves are all incorporated in the simulation logic.

The game can generate random combat situations — for example, 6 enemies 10 miles away, 1500 feet into the air. Once you have established a strong flight record you can take on the missions. Additionally there are practice modes for both flying and combat.

(source: mobigames.com)

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