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C64 game name: Speedball | Release date: 1989 | Publisher: Bitmap Brothers | Game media type: prg | Language: en
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About Commodore 64 Speedball

Speedball, released in 1988, is a futuristic video game inspired by cyberpunk aesthetics, combining elements of handball and ice hockey. Emphasis is placed on both aggressive gameplay and goal-scoring. The sport occurs in an enclosed arena with goals on both ends, reminiscent of ice hockey or indoor football fields. The court features bounce domes that alter the ball’s path and speed, plus portals on each side that transfer the ball to the opposite end, retaining its momentum. The arrangement of these domes varies, offering up to 10 different configurations.

Players control a single outfield character at a time. The game supports one or two players, with the two-player mode being competitive. Two main modes are available: knockout, where players challenge progressively tougher AI-controlled teams in best-of-three matches, and league.

At the game’s onset, players choose a captain from three options. Each captain excels in one of three areas: stamina, power, or skill. Every team member begins with identical stats. In gameplay, when players hit adversaries, the latter’s stamina reduces, causing them to move sluggishly once it drops significantly. A more robust team member inflicts greater damage upon impact. Increased skill boosts the AI-controlled teammate’s aggression and enhances hit accuracy.

Holding the ball allows players two options: a quick tap of the fire button throws it directly, while holding it sends the ball skyward. Players can jump to intercept, but this makes them susceptible to enemy hits.

Throughout the game, random coins and power-ups spawn. Power-ups, such as the electrified ball (which opponents cannot safely touch) and instant teleportation to a teammate, offer tactical advantages. Coins, gathered exclusively by human players, can be exchanged post-game for various perks, like time extensions or team stat boosts. AI teammates cannot collect coins, but they can acquire power-ups. Victory is determined by the team with the most goals by the game’s end.

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