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C64 game name: Skate or Die! | Release date: 1987 | Publisher: Electronic Arts | Game media type: crt | Language: en
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About Commodore 64 Skate or Die!

C64 “Skate or Die!” is a 1987 skateboarding video game launched by Electronic Arts (EA) for the Commodore 64. Taking inspiration from the Epyx Games series, players have the option to engage in five distinct skateboarding events either one by one or in sequence. In the sequential mode, as many as eight players can join the action.

This game presents two events on the half-pipe: the freestyle ramp and the high jump. There are also two downhill challenges: a park-based downhill race and a street-style downhill jam. Lastly, there’s the pool joust. Except for the half-pipe events, which are solo challenges, the joust, downhill jam, and the downhill race (only in two-player mode) are head-to-head confrontations. While the joust is more of a direct elimination match, all other events use a points-based system to crown the winner.

“Skate or Die!” showcases four characters: Rodney Recloose, a quirky individual with a distinctive purple mohawk, a Marine Corps tattoo, and a likeness to comedian Rodney Dangerfield, operates a skateshop within the game. His son, Bionic Lester, sports a green flattop and offers more aggressive challenges. Players can face off against Lester in both the joust and downhill jam. In the joust, Lester is accompanied by his two sidekicks: Poseur Pete, who’s up against beginners, and Aggro Eddie, who challenges intermediate skaters. Lester himself takes on the pro contenders.

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