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C64 game name: Silent Service | Release date: 1985 | Publisher: MicroProse | Game media type: d64 | Language: en
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About Commodore 64 Silent Service

Silent Service, a submarine simulator video game created by Sid Meier, transports players to the Pacific Ocean during World War II. Assuming control of a U.S. Gato-class submarine, players embark on various war patrols to target Japanese shipping. The moniker “Silent Service” was used to describe the U.S. Navy’s submarine force operating in the Pacific theater during the war.

Players can select from a range of authentic tactical approaches for launching attacks, such as the End Around maneuver and near-invisibility during nighttime operations by minimizing the submarine’s profile. The game permits the use of four concurrent projectiles, posing a challenge when engaging multiple destroyers. When not in active combat, the game’s real-time progression is accelerated for smoother gameplay.

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