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C64 game name: Q*bert | Release date: 1983 | Publisher: Parker Brothers | Game media type: prg | Language: en
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About Commodore 64 Q*bert

In this arcade classic you steer C64 Q*bert, a droll tot that looks like a ball with a trunk on two legs, over a pyramid-like built 3D game area. When getting contact with the flat surfaces Q*bert changes their colour. At the beginning of each level you get a demonstration of what the target colour is and how often Q*bert has to touch a field to reach this colour. In higher levels, the surfaces that are painted in the target colour are changed back when Q*bert enters them again. Furthermore, there are destructive green men named Slick and Sam, which have nothing else to do than sabotage Q*berts work by changing the colour of the fields. Q*bert can only avoid this by catching them. Almost all other enemies are more dangerous than the two green scallywags Slick and Sam. From the top you permanently get a hail of balls, which Q*bert – except for the green “Time Freeze” ball – must avoid touching in any case. From the purple coloured ball hatches the snake Coily, which must be eliminated by a jump on a Flying Disc. Finally also Ugg and Wrongway monster horizontally over the game area in a bizarre way. They also must not get too close to Q*bert.

As soon as Q*bert has painted all flat surfaces, you go to the next round. If he has made four rounds, he gets into the next level, whereby it gets more complicated to reach the target colour with rising speed and more and more enemies.

(source: https://www.c64-wiki.com/wiki/Q*bert)

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