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Pac-Wor game data

C64 game name: Pac-Wor | Release date: 2021 | Publisher: Krissz | Game media type: prg | Language: en
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About Commodore 64 Pac-Wor


This game is a mix of two classic video game. A two player Pac-Man game in the Wizard of Wor universe.

Collect all pills in the dungeons and avoid the monsters! After you eaten the POWOR PILL you can eat the monsters for extra points for a little time! But be aware, they will revive soon!

If you reach the 4. or 13. dungeon you will get an extra life. After level 8 harder dungeons comes because the less of walls.

You can play the game, even competing against each other, even helping each other, fighting together against monsters.


  • joystick port 1 – the first player (yellow)
  • joystick port 2 – the second player (blue)
  • use SHIFT LOCK key to pause the game
  • use RUN/STOP key to restart the game


  • try to pick up the POWOR PILL when you can eat lots of monsters
  • if you play against each other try to collect the POWOR PILL before your opponent do it because players can eat each other
  • use the teleports to escape from the dead-end situations
  • always watch the another side of the teleport if you cruise around the teleport
  • stay away from places crowded with monsters
  • stay away from larger free spaces, use the walls as cover



  • PILL – 20 points
  • POWOR PILL – 200 points
  • BURWOR – 100 points
  • GARWOR – 200 points
  • THORWOR – 500 points
  • PACWOR – 1000 points

Created by: Krisztián Tóth, 2021 http://krissz.hu/

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