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C64 game name: North & South | Release date: 1991 | Publisher: Infogrames | Game media type: d64 | Language:
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About Commodore 64 North & South

North & South is a comic-style strategy game with optional action elements, set during the American Civil War. Players can either play alone or against another human opponent, choosing to fight on the side of the Union (Northern states) or the Confederates (Southern states) with the goal of destroying all enemy armies. Players take turns moving their armies across a map of the USA to conquer provinces and cities and/or destroy enemy armies. It is of utmost importance to maintain one’s supply lines, in the form of money to buy additional armies, while also disrupting the opponent’s ability to do the same. Battles can be fought in real-time, similar to Archon, or in a pure board game mode, which determines the outcome of battles without direct player involvement.

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