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C64 game name: Laser Squad | Release date: 1988 | Publisher: Blade Software | Game media type: d64 | Language: en
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About Commodore 64 Laser Squad

Laser Squad’s innovative approach to turn-based tactical gameplay helped pave the way for future games in the genre. Its focus on squad-level tactics, action points, and morale greatly influenced future titles, including the popular X-COM series. Julian Gollop, one of the creators of Laser Squad, went on to co-create X-COM: UFO Defense with his brother, Nick Gollop, which became a highly successful franchise.

The game’s combination of strategic thinking, careful resource management, and tactical combat presented a unique challenge to players, which contributed to its appeal. The variety of scenarios and the option to play with different difficulty settings ensured replayability, keeping players engaged for extended periods.

Over the years, Laser Squad has maintained a loyal following, and its legacy can be seen in modern tactical games like XCOM, Jagged Alliance, and Invisible, Inc. The game’s impact on the gaming industry is a testament to the innovative ideas it introduced, which continue to influence and shape the turn-based tactics genre.

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