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C64 game name: Fort Apocalypse | Release date: 1982 | Publisher: Synapse Software | Game media type: prg | Language: en
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About Commodore 64 Fort Apocalypse

Commodore 64 Fort Apocalypse is played within a multi-directional scrolling “cave”, viewed from the side. Similar to Choplifter, and as opposed to Scramble, the map does not automatically scroll, and the player is free to move in any direction.

The map is divided into four vertical sections, with the uppermost being at ground level, and the lowest containing the titular fortress. The two middle layers, Draconis and the Crystalline Caves, both contain a landing pad that saves the game’s progress and allows the player to re-animate at that point if they are destroyed. Eight hostages can be picked up on both of these middle layers. The map is further divided into sections by special walls that can be broken open by firing or dropping bombs on them.

The player’s chopper is destroyed if it runs into the cavern walls, is shot down by the numerous enemies, or caught in one of the many laser or moving wall traps. The player has two weapons, a gun and bombs, but only one button on the joystick. Most of the time the button fires the gun, but when the helicopter has turned so it’s facing out of the screen, then the button drops bombs. Enemy missiles track the player’s movements for a short time before running out of fuel and dropping back to earth, and the map is populated by a number of enemy helicopters similar to the player’s own.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fort_Apocalypse

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