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C64 game name: David Crane’s Pitfall | Release date: 1985 | Publisher: Activision | Game media type: prg | Language: en
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About Commodore 64 David Crane’s Pitfall

In this Commodore 64 game, the player controls Pitfall Harry through 256 horizontally connected screens of jungle in an attempt to recover 32 treasures in a 20-minute time period. Along the way, players must maneuver around pits, quicksand, rolling logs, fire, rattlesnakes, scorpions, and crocodiles. Harry may jump over or otherwise avoid these obstacles by climbing, running, or swinging on vines. Treasure consists of bags of money, gold and silver bars, and diamond rings, which range in value from 2000 to 5000 points. There are eight of each treasure type. A perfect score of 114,000 is achieved by claiming all 32 treasures without losing any points. Points are lost by falling in a hole (100 points) or touching logs: point loss depends on how long contact is made with the log. Under the jungle there is a tunnel which Harry can access via ladders. Traveling through the tunnel moves forward three screens at a time, which is necessary to collect the treasures within the time limit. However, the tunnels can be blocked by brick walls, forcing the player to return to the surface to find a way around. The tunnels also contain scorpions. The player loses a life if Harry comes in contact with any obstacle (except logs) or falls into a tar pit, quicksand, waterhole, or mouth of a crocodile. The game ends when either all 32 treasures have been collected, all three lives have been lost, or the time has run out. (source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pitfall!)Laser Squad

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