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C64 game name: California Games | Release date: 1987 | Publisher: Epyx | Game media type: d64 | Language: en
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About Commodore 64 California Games

California Games is a 1987 sports video game originally released by Epyx for the Commodore 64, and later ported to various other platforms. The game offers a range of events inspired by popular California sports culture, allowing players to participate in a series of mini-games. The events available vary slightly depending on the platform, but generally include the following:

Half-pipe: In this event, players control a skateboarder performing tricks on a half-pipe ramp, attempting to score as many points as possible by executing various stunts and combinations within a limited time.

Footbag: Players control a character who must keep a footbag (also known as a hacky sack) in the air by kicking, kneeing, or heading it. Points are awarded for each successful hit and for performing various tricks.

Surfing: In the surfing event, players control a surfer named Rippin’ Rick who must ride a wave while performing tricks and avoiding wipeouts. Points are awarded for the length of the ride and the quality of the tricks performed.

Roller Skating: Players control a roller skater navigating a beachside course, performing jumps and stunts while avoiding obstacles such as sand patches, puddles, and seagulls.

BMX: In this event, players control a BMX rider navigating a dirt track filled with jumps, bumps, and obstacles. Points are awarded for completing the course quickly and for performing stunts, such as wheelies and flips.

Flying disc: In the flying disc event (also known as Frisbee), players control a character who must throw a disc to a partner located at a distance. The objective is to throw the disc accurately so that the partner can catch it, with points awarded for successful throws and catches, as well as for performing trick throws and catches.

California Games was well-received and went on to spawn several sequels, each featuring a variety of new and different sports events.

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