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C64 game name: BurgerTime | Release date: 2023 | Publisher: Arlagames | Game media type: d64 | Language: en
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About Commodore 64 BurgerTime

In the classic arcade game BurgerTime, players guide a chef named Peter Pepper through a series of maze-like levels with the goal of assembling several hamburgers. Players use a joystick to move Peter and a button to deploy pepper. Each level contains oversized burger components like buns, patties, and vegetables, which Peter must walk across to drop them to the lower levels, ultimately creating a complete burger at the bottom.

Peter must dodge three types of antagonistic foods: a hot dog, a pickle, and an egg. He can eliminate these enemies by squashing them with the ingredients or causing them to fall along with the ingredients, which also results in the ingredients dropping additional levels. Defeated enemies will respawn after a brief period.

The game starts with a finite number of pepper shots for Peter to use, which stun enemies upon contact, allowing Peter to pass by unharmed. Special items like ice cream, coffee, and fries appear sporadically, providing bonus points and additional pepper shots.

The game consists of six levels that increase in complexity, with additional ingredients to stack, more enemies, and trickier layouts. After completing the sixth level, the game loops back to the beginning with the same increasing difficulty. The game is over when Peter loses all his lives by making contact with any of the unfrozen enemies.

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