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C64 game name: Autoduel | Release date: 1985 | Publisher: Origin Systems | Game media type: d64 | Language: en
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About Commodore 64 Autoduel

Autoduel is a 1985 role-playing video game developed for the Commodore 64 and other platforms. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, the game focuses on vehicle combat and character progression. Players create a character by naming them and distributing 50 points between three skills: driving, marksmanship, and mechanic. The game starts in New York on January 1, 2030, and the player must initially participate in amateur night events to earn enough money to buy and equip their own vehicle.

Once the player has their own vehicle, they can perform courier missions between various towns along the Atlantic seaboard, such as Syracuse, Boston, Manchester, and Atlantic City. The character can also participate in more prestigious arena events to earn money and engage in highway combat with other cars to salvage their parts. The game features a storyline involving critical courier tasks, such as carrying important criminal evidence against “Mr. Big,” through the dangerous terrain between cities.

Vehicle customization is a key feature of the game, allowing players to choose from a variety of power plants, guns, ammunition, mine-layers, smokescreens, oil slicks, and rockets to fit onto a wide selection of body and chassis types.

Autoduel is developed using a top-down perspective and has two distinct settings: the arena or highway-style area and the city area. The highway and arenas use a scrolling screen format, allowing players to use acceleration and driving skills, while the city area is a single screen where stores and other city attractions can be visited. The game’s blend of vehicle combat, customization, and role-playing elements made it a unique and engaging experience for players at the time.

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