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Trailblazer game data

C64 game name: Trailblazer | Release date: 1986 | Publisher: Gremlin Graphics | Game media type: d64 | Language: en
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About Commodore 64 Trailblazer

“Trailblazer” is an innovative racing game where players take on the role of a soccer ball navigating through a network of elevated pathways. The game offers two distinct modes: time trial and arcade, along with four unique tracks. Races are quick and exhilarating, typically lasting anywhere from 15 to 45 seconds.

The tracks are peppered with special fields that affect the ball’s movement: blue fields make the ball jump, red fields slow it down, green fields accelerate it, and white fields trigger warp speed. Additionally, cyan/light blue fields invert the controls, purple fields bounce the ball backward, and black fields represent perilous holes to avoid.

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