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C64 game name: Times of Lore | Release date: 1988 | Publisher: Origin Systems | Game media type: d64 | Language: en
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About Commodore 64 Times of Lore

Times of Lore is a 1988 action role-playing game developed and published by Origin Systems for several platforms, including the Commodore 64. The game’s story is set in the kingdom of Albareth, where High King Valwyn has gone missing, and the dukes and barons are vying for power. As barbarians threaten to invade and monsters wreak havoc on the land, the player takes on the role of one of three heroes – a barbarian, a knight, or a valkyrie – to uncover the conspiracy and find three magical items.

The game boasts a complex world with 13,000 screens of map, as per its promotional material. Notably, there is no loading during the game, an impressive feat at the time for such an expansive environment.

The Commodore 64 version showcases high-resolution overlays for the sprites, using two sprites on top of each other, one a low-resolution multi-color sprite and the other a high-resolution monochrome sprite. The game also features animated water and a world that gradually changes color between night and day.

Players can find themselves in unwinnable situations that require restarting the game, such as accidentally killing important characters who would have provided certain quests or objects. However, staying the night at an inn will make random peasants forget your trespasses if you kill them.

Numerous objects can be discovered throughout the game, including a teleportation scroll, a returning axe similar to Mjolnir, and healing potions. The hidden city of Treela can be found in the middle of the map, behind a forest. Serfs mention a dragon in the north, which can be located sleeping in a cave on the eastern edge of the northern mountains. Catacombs also exist, but entering them unleashes ghouls upon the world, increasing the game’s difficulty. In the Apple II version, the dragon is replaced with a giant lurking in the northwest portion of the map.

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